We are a German based Company, working on some of the most sophisticated technologies. We require the best breed of programmers who are always ready for brain storming. Candidate should be highly skilled and talented, who can fulfil all the desired skillset in the respective category, with a minimum experience of 2 years full time.

Unless you are a pro, you have to undergo a free training program. The training program can vary from 1 to 3 months, depending on your learning capability. Training is imparted, only to the qualifying candidates. The 3 months intensive training course that we had been imparting to the candidates for the last 10 years has been very rewarding for the programmers to scale to the advanced level.

Your CV must have the year of passing right from Class X along with the Percentage/ CGPA secured.
Projects you have undertaken should accompany the technologies you have used.
Still undergoing a Degree Course or not yet complete - Please do not waste our time by applying.

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Please fill up the form below. Based on your input the company at it's own discretion may call you. We will reply only if your resume and skills are of interest. Your resume should include your schooling and higher studies with marks obtained and year of passing.

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(I join the company not for fun, experimentation, entertainment and use their resources)