We offer technology consulting and
full-cycle software development services.

/   what we do

Artificial Intelligence, Big data, the Cloud and Apps are coming together to make business organisations and governments more efificient and effective.

Alegra Labs enables clients realize the benefits of adopting and integrating cutting-edge technologies speedily, cost-effectively and innovatively. Our ability to do this comes from our passion for technology, backed by service. Our desire to make a difference to our clients (we love the delight in our clients faces when they see possibilities); and our willingness to put clients first (by going beyond contractual obligations or what is reasonably expected).

Our relationship with KAMWO, the Chinese Herbal Medicine Manufacturer has expanded over the past few years, based on successful development, maintenance and support of packaging, warehousing and shipping systems that have delivered significant financial gains through enhancing their supply chain management efficiency.

We provide support and maintenance for one of Migration Labs’ biggest ERP system deployments. We have reduced the operational and overhead cost of Nikolaus-Spitzer.de with powerful AI systems.

/   services

We are industry-agnostic, and have worked with clients across various domains. Our expertise spans three primary areas.

Data Science

Using analysis, mining and data visualisation techniques, we help clients shift through massive volumes of data to extract relevant information, detect patterns and extract insights that can guide executive decision making and service levels. We can develop software for analysing real-time as well as archived data. We also develop crawlers, spiders and bots using our own cloud APIs.

Artificial Intelligence

We design and deliver Al-based solutions such as self-service bots and recognition systems that minimize the need for human intervention. We employ first principle Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques to train systems, so they become "self-learning".

Web Applications

Our teams have successfully delivered numerous Online Stores, ERP applications and intranet softwares for Enterprise collaboration. No matter how large or small your project is, or how complex or simple it’s scope - we can deliver. We can even take over projects in trouble and complete them.

/   who we are

We are a young and rapidly growing company, located in Germany (Karlsruhe) with offices in U.K and India.

We are a team of highly skilled IT professionals. Each member of our dynamic team has 10+ years of experience in diverse technology domains, software engineering, architecture and project management. Our endeavour is to deliver better software cost-effectively and quickly, by using our open source expertise and our proprietary robust, secure, scalable APIs. Our ability to fluently speak German and English makes communication with clients easier, resulting in smoother project execution.

We are working with clients from Australia, Germany, France, Switzerland, UK, Canada, USA, and the Middle East, and would love to explore how your organization can benefit from our services. 99% of our clients choose to come back to us for additional work — a proud testimony to the value we add and our clients’ positive experience of partnering with us.

What Clients Are Saying

Since 2007 I have been working with my scientific team on a digital homeopathic repertory. Together with AlegraLabs, since April 2018 we have been developing sophisticated text analysis software that automatically identifies and maps sources. AlegraLabs develops clean and thorough with modern, long-term supported databases and tools. Already first tests work as soon as a certain function has been implemented. Although we often think we have thought about everything, the AlegraLabs team opens the horizon to possibilities we have not thought of before. They provide us with excellent and long-term work. After many years, we are finally on the right track.

Dr. Carl Rudolf Klinkenberg
Doctor med., Deutschland

Since 2018 I am working with AlegraLabs on a word processing and comparison software. The AlegraLabs and their team started our project with dedication and competence to an absolutely above average. Our communication works efficiently and smoothly. They manage to quickly grasp my requirements for the software and implement them with very good own ideas. The results are very satisfactory. Problems and bugs are always revised immediately. I am therefore extremely satisfied with the cooperation. I am looking forward to our further cooperation.

Dr. Nora Wirtz
Doctor, Deutschland

I have worked with Alegra Labs for more than 2 years on various projects and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them or work with them again. They communicate with professionalism, integrity, as well as expertise in the areas of programming.

Brad Edwards
COO, Bitlov.com

I have worked with Alegra Labs for 8+ months on a challenging consumer technology product. Bringing this product to life would have been impossible without Alegra Labs development leadership and coding expertise. They are resourceful and knows how to find and build creative solutions to complex problems. I have challenged them with overly-ambitious requests - but they have never failed to deliver great results quickly. I would highly recommend Alegra Labs for any development project.

Anjana Balakumar
Capital Markets and Special Projects at Uber

The Alegra Labs engineers are leaders with a strong work ethic, excellent understanding of all things Linux and a developer/technologist who truly loves their craft. I would highly recommend them to others and I look forward to working with them again.

Ray Croney
Founder & CEO, Cenedex Software Solutions

I have been looking for a team who are well qualified for developing a complex website that needs integration of external APIs and equally affordable. Alegra Labs has stood to all my expectations. They can not only develop exactly what I need but also cares to build something that users will like. Their communication responses were reasonably strong and good. I hope that my feedback would be helpful to all for awarding them future works.

Mark Ford
Founder, Castorabbot.com

Alegra Labs has been a pleasure to work with. We are still continuing working with them for the support and maintenance of our application.

Tu Dinh Tran
Founder, EatTheGlobe.com
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Adabari Tiniali, Guwahati - 12,
Contact: +91 8822774191